Spice Up Your Social

by Prathi

Hi! I'm Prathi. Social Media Strategist helping you simplify marketing so you can scale your sales. Check out the resources I offer below and sign up for my weekly newsletter to get actionable tips & strategies that cut through all the fluff so you can actually see results with social media while maintaining your sanity! πŸ˜‰

b-roll your way to having content for months

Spice Up Your Social Weekly inspo w/ Prathi Hey Reader! Wanna know one of the simplest systems to establish early in your marketing work flow? Shooting b-roll footage. This is how you can be different from everybody else using stock footage. ok Prathi, I've heard this term before but have no clue what this is!" I gotchu Reader πŸ˜‰ B-roll" video footage is basically clips of random-but no so random things that you may not have a reason for shooting at that time, but can serve as clips that you...

8 Essential Tips to Create AMAZING Video Content!

You don't need high tech equipment to dazzle on video! It's true Reader, video has become one of the key elements for a killer social media content strategy. I tell all my clients to at least incorporate at least one type of video into their social media strategy to start (e.g. a IG Reels or Stories, Facebook Lives, Youtube Shorts). It's such a great tool to use to build trust, have conversations and tell a story!​I can crank out intentional content in less than 5 minutes NOW, but at...
black man nodding his head from side to side as if saying nope

"social media just isn't working out for me."

Are you saying this to yourself right now, Reader? I've been there and not too long ago! πŸ˜‘ It's not just about creating a fun reel that's on trend, posting it, and then waiting for followers to come to you anymore.​​I've realized that there were a few important things I was missing when it comes to social media. And let me tell you, once I actually implemented them, it made such a huge difference in my results and mindset. Do you have a Content Strategy aligned with your business goals? Have...

Avoid This Social Media Mistake to Ensure Business Success

One big mistake to avoid when using social media for business purposes is overselling! This is something I've seen a lot of businesses do - You know the repeated "50% off" or "Book now!" or "come to our event" or "join now" posts? They truth is...they think this is going to save their business. If you’re constantly posting promotional messages, it can turn your followers away and make them disinterested in what you have to offer. It’s important to remember that social media is about building...
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